The Best Roads Are Here

What Are The 7 Best Motorcycle Rides Near Me In Virginia?

- Blue Ridge Parkway (300 miles - VA)
- US-250 (57 miles)
- Back of the Dragon (50 miles)
- Nelson Scenic Loop (50 miles)
- Mill Gap Rd (19 miles)
- Colonial Parkway (23 miles)
- US-33 (130 miles)

Motorcycle Rides Near Me In Virginia

Looking for curvy roads near me in Virginia? "Virginia Is For (Motorcycle) Lovers!" Below is our detailed list of the best motorcycle rides in Virginia. Riders will appreciate that sentiment with the state's natural beauty and scenic curves of its storied mountains. Click on each Virginia motorcycle map link for the direct Google Maps route, and discover motorcycle rides near me in Virginia!

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Tips For Virginia Motorcycle Rides

As you discover places to ride a motorcycle in Virginia, keep in mind that due to its relatively mild climate, most of these roads offer a comfortable ride year-round. The Appalachian region will have more dramatic weather, including snowfall in winter. Layered gear is best if riding this time of year. Even in warmer weather, it's best to pack some waterproof gear, as storms are common in the higher elevations of the state. Be vigilant during dusk or dawn, as there are an abundance of deer in Virginia's more wooded roads, including its state and national parks.

Do I Need a Motorcycle Helmet in Virginia?

Looking for scenic motorcycle rides in Virginia? If so, be aware Virginia law does require motorcyclists to wear helmets. According to Virginia law, both riders and passengers must wear helmets at all times while riding on a bike.


DISTANCE: 300 miles (VA side)
TIME: 7.5 hours

One of the most famous and beautiful roads in the entire eastern United States is this national treasure that runs the entire state of VA. The northern section runs through the serene Shenandoah National Park, and meanders through the mountains as Skyline Drive and continues south eventually to the Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina. The entire road is 469 miles in length, and would take about 12 hours if riding end to end non-stop. Ride through 26 tunnels, and under hand-crafted stone bridges. There are many overlooks to pull over and take in all the beauty, so allot plenty of time for this road, and enjoy one of the greatest roads in the entire USA!
(Photos: D Hallock / J. Park)



DISTANCE: 57 miles
TIME: 1.5 hours

Virginia Route 250 takes you through a beautiful section of the Appalachian Mountains in the southwest corner of the state. There's some great curves and hair-pin turns to be had on this 2-lane mountain Virginia motorcycle road. This route will take you riding through the deep woods of George Washington National Forest, which at various points offers wide-ranging views of the surrounding mountains. ​Continue west into Monongahela National Forest over the West Virginia state line for some of the best riding in WV. US-250 will give motorcycle riders an adrenaline-fueled adventure through some of the best curvy roads Virginia has to offer!



DISTANCE: 50 miles
TIME: 1.5 hours

The height of motorcycle riding enjoyment can be had on VA-16, also referred to as the "Back of the Dragon". This Virginia motorcycle route is one of the most technical roads in the entire state. Ride among Virginia's mountains full of twisting curves, switchbacks and various elevation changes. It's a beautiful, scenic road, but you'll probably be spending most of your focus on the technical aspect of this ride. Fortunately, there a few nice pull-offs with opportunities to properly take in the fantastic views. Motorcycle riders will also appreciate the fact that there's very little traffic on this route, which can be started in Tazewell and continues 50 miles to Troutdale. VA-16 is hands down one of the best, curvy roads in the state!



Blue Ridge Pkwy, VA-56, VA-151, Rte 664
DISTANCE: 50 miles
TIME: 1.5 hours

The Nelson Scenic Loop is a great motorcycle ride which is comprised of four scenic byways — the Blue Ridge Parkway, Patrick Henry Highway (VA Route 151), Beech Grove Road (County Route 664) and Crabtree Falls Highway (VA Route 56). This 50 mile loop traverses the foothills of the Piedmont and the summits of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The ride can be started at the Spruce Creek Park Visitor Center on Route 151 in Wintergreen, Virginia. The natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Crab Tree Falls and the Appalachian Trail mix with historic houses, scenic farms and beautiful mountain views. 



DISTANCE: 19 miles
TIME: 20 mins

Rte. 84 is a short but scenic motorcycle ride which runs from Vanderpool in Highland County through the West Virginia state line into Frost, WV. Mill Gap Road is a curvy road with incredible scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Motorcyclists will also appreciate the fact that Route 84 has broad sweepers that are thoroughly enjoyable to ride. 



DISTANCE: 23 miles
TIME: 45 mins

This little scenic VA motorcycle road travels along the James River and York River, and is entirely devoid of any modern commercial development. It connects Virginia's historic triangle: Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown. Since the Parkway is intended primarily for sightseeing, and only secondarily as a through route to the historic points, there are many scenic pull-offs with historical markers giving brief descriptions of the view.
(Photo: Wikipedia/Google Maps)



DISTANCE: 130 miles
TIME: 3 hours

US-33 is one of the best kept secret roads in Virginia. The scenic motorcycle ride on US 33 can be started near Richmond and continues west through the Blue Ridge Mountains. The best section to ride is beginning from the Glen Allen area. The scenery is especially beautiful crossing the mountains in Shenandoah National Park. The route will also take your motorcycle through small towns and miles of scenic Virginia countryside. US 33 continues to be a great motorcycle road in West Virginia.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Where Can I Find Virginia Motorcycle Events?

Visit our friends at to find local VA Motorcycle Rallies and all scheduled bike shows happening in Virginia!

How many days does it take to ride the Blue Ridge Parkway?

The entire road from Virginia to North Carolina would take about 10 hours if riding straight through. The entire route is 469 miles, and there are no gas stations on the road, so riders will have to take detours to fuel up. If riding an average of 40 mph, and periodically stopping for roadside breaks, it's best to plan for three or four days.

When is the best time to motorcycle the Blue Ridge Parkway?

The Blue Ridge Parkway spans from Virginia to North Carolina. Despite the relatively mild colder months, the best time to explore the Blue Ridge Parkway is from spring to autumn. Roads are not maintained in the winter, so it's a good idea to check ahead of time for road closure information.

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