The Best Roads Are Here

What Are The Best Motorcycle Rides Near Me In Washington?

- Spirit Lake Highway (53 miles)
- N Cascades Highway (172 miles)
- Rattlesnake Pass (42 miles)
- Vancouver to Maryhill (102 miles)
- Yakima to Naches Peak (64 miles)
- Randle to Spirit Lake (33 miles)
- Mt Rainier Park (123 miles)

Motorcycle Rides Near Me In Washington State

Below is our detailed list of the best Washington motorcycle rides! Ride past spectacular ocean beaches, mountain passes full of snow capped rugged rocky peaks, and through vast Evergreen forests. Click on each Washington motorcycle map link for the direct Google Maps routes. Check out these fantastic motorcycle rides in the great state of Washington!

Tips For Motorcycle Rides in Washington

Looking for places to ride motorcycles in Washington State? Which part of the state you'll be riding in will dictate the type of gear you want to bring along. If you're planning a ride in the Olympic Peninsula area, it's best to pack gear that can handle wet and damp weather. The eastern part of the state has entirely different terrain, so if riding during the summer, bring some hot weather apparel, and don't forget to bring plenty of water.

Do I Need a Motorcycle Helmet in WA?

While discovering these scenic motorcycle rides in Washington, keep in mind the state's helmet law. Washington law requires all motorcycle operators and passengers to wear a helmet conforming to the rules adopted by the Washington State Patrol. 
Read more at apps.leg.wa.gov

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Route 504
DISTANCE: 53 miles
TIME: 1 hour

This great motorcycle road in Washington gives way to spectacular views of lakes & rivers as it leads closer to Mount St. Helen National Monument. Start this ride in Castle Rock, and head east on Hwy 504 to the Johnson Ridge Observatory, the volcano's main visitor center. There are some straightaways on this route, but there are also some twists and turns, especially as you get closer up the mountain. The road surface is very well maintained, and there are many opportunities to pull off at the various highway viewpoints for trails and more gorgeous views. Don't miss this opportunity to ride one of the most unique motorcycle roads in Washington!
(Photos: tripadvisor.com)



DISTANCE: 172 miles
TIME: 4 hours

Motorcyclists will thoroughly enjoy this beautiful and relaxing ride through the North Cascades National Park, especially ascending up Washington Pass at around 7,000ft elevation. Twist along this great motorcycle ride in Washington with scenery of the majestic national park mountains, glacier views and crystal turquoise waters from the river canyons.
(Photos: neilpeart.netgoskagit.com)



DISTANCE: 42 miles
TIME: 1 hour

This terrific, snaky, traffic-free WA motorcycle ride will take you along the Snake River through the arid, hilly countryside near the Idaho border. There's some great views looking down into the Grande Ronde River Canyon, along with dozens of tight curves hugging along the steep walls of the valley. Optionally, continue riding south all the way into Enterprise, Oregon on the Lewiston Hwy (OR-3) for more fantastic riding.
(Photos: flickr.comP. Westphal)



DISTANCE: 102 miles
TIME: 2 hours

The journey along Highway 14 from Vancouver to Maryhill is a must-ride for anyone touring southern Washington. Just north of Portland, OR, WA-14 meanders along the Columbia River with breathtaking views, and offers riders the chance to see the climate change from forest to desert within the world’s most beautiful basalt canyon. This Washington motorcycle road offers great views of Beacon Rock State Park and the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area. Be sure to stop off at Cape Horn, as there is especially stunning views of the Columbia River on the lookout. There are more great motorcycle roads just off Highway 14 to check out, including Route 141 and 142. These WA motorcycle routes will provide additional riding up north to make a loop around the Klickitat Region.
(Photo: P. Ferris)



Routes 12, 123
DISTANCE: 64 miles
TIME: 1.5 hours

Start this WA motorcycle ride west of Yakima which takes you through White Pass, and offers great views as you ride toward Mt Rainier National Park. North along WA-123 is a great motorcycle road through the deep mountain forest, and a scenic tunnel under Seymour Peak.
(Photo: A. Harris)



NFD 25, NF-99
DISTANCE: 33 miles
TIME: 1 hour 40 min

This WA motorcycle route is not for the faint of heart! The road to Spirit Lake from Randle is one of the most exhilarating and rewarding motorcycle rides in Washington. This is an alternative route to Mt St. Helens Volcanic Monument. This amazing Washington motorcycle ride starts in Randle, WA just off of Route 12, and ends at the Windy Ridge Viewpoint. You'll see stunning vistas as you navigate the curves at high altitudes. This road is closed much of the year, so ride this one when you can. It won't disappoint!
(Photos: D. Baxter / ridewithgps.com)



WA-410, WA-123, Paradise Rd
DISTANCE: 123 miles
TIME: 3.5 hours

With its dramatic snowcapped peak, Mt Rainier has beautiful views to take in by motorcycle. Start this route in Enumclaw and loop around Route 410, and connect down Route 123. On 410 you'll ride past trees hugging the road as well as great views. As you loop around the national park along Paradise Rd, you'll also be riding along some of Washington's finest landscapes including forests, lakes, rivers and canyons. As you ride into the park, there will be breathtaking vistas as you navigate the turns. Like many of these Washington motorcycle routes, this one is only open during the warmer months. If riding on a weekday, you may find you have much of the road to yourself!
(Photos: flickr.com / C. Allen)


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