What Are The Best Motorcycle Rides in Wyoming?

- Beartooth Hwy (137 miles)
- Devils Tower Loop (80 miles)
- Teton Pass Hwy to Alpine (56 miles)
- Flaming Gorge Loop (143 miles)
- Greybull to Dayton (72 miles)
- Chief Joseph Byway (63 miles)
- Ten Sleep to Buffalo (64 miles)

Motorcycle Rides Near Me In Wyoming

Below is our detailed list of the best motorcycle rides in Wyoming! Wyoming's open roads and astounding scenery make it one of the best states in America to ride through. These motorcycle rides will offer views of Alpine lakes, lush valleys and gorgeous mountain ranges. Click on the Wyoming motorcycle map links for the direct Google Maps route.

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DISTANCE: 137 miles
TIME: 2 hours 40 min

One of the best motorcycle rides in Wyoming us this amazing byway that connects the charming communities of Red Lodge and Cooke City and serves as a western corridor to Yellowstone National Park. It's been called "the most beautiful drive in America," and rightly so, according to riders who have had the experience of riding here. Because of heavy snowfall at the top, the pass is usually open each year only from mid May through mid October, weather conditions permitting. The below route includes the Wyoming and Montana portion of the entire road from Red Lodge to the Northeast Entrance Station. Continue on US-212 for further riding into Yellowstone National Park.
(Photos: / A. Lins)



Routes 24, 111, 14
DISTANCE: 80 miles
TIME: 1.5 hours

Ride northeastern Wyoming's big sky country in this loop featuring Devil's Tower National Monument. The southern portion of this WY motorcycle ride offers wide open roads in the state's beautiful country. The northern portion has gradual climbs and turns with awesome mountain scenery. Along the route you'll see many pine forests, rolling hills and beautiful rock formations. Not to mention the great little small towns, ranches and farmlands. The Devil's Tower can be seen for miles along the way from various angles. Be sure to stop and hike around the astounding tower, as you really have to see it in person to appreciate its grandeur.



Routes 22, 191, 89
DISTANCE: 56 miles
TIME: 1 hour 20 min

This is a great Wyoming motorcycle ride just south of Grand Teton National Park. WY-22 has many twisties and great changes in elevation through the Wyoming country at Teton Pass. Complete this route through Idaho down along the Palisades Reservoir for a tremendous ride with amazing views. Riders may want to be careful of their speed on some of the downhill curves, but this is a tremendously fun ride with some of the best roadside scenery this part of Wyoming has to offer.



Routes 191, 53
DISTANCE: 143 miles
TIME: 2.5 hours

This fantastic motorcycle road in Wyoming is in southern part of the state and circles around Flaming Gorge country—named for the late-afternoon sun reddening the cliffs. The roadside scenery on this motorcycle road is incredible. The road changes with the variety of geology, and you'll get spectacular views of the reservoir at various points along the way. Crossing over the Utah border brings you through Ashley National Forest. Connect with UT-44 back into Wyoming for some long stretches along WY-530, but this entire route offers beautiful overlooks of the Flaming Gorge reservoir. There's an abundance of deer and other wildlife, so motorcyclists will want to keep an eye out for safe riding. Other than the wildlife, most riders will experience virtually no traffic. It will just be you and the astounding southeastern Wyoming and northern Utah scenery!
(Photos: / M. Dillon)



DISTANCE: 72 miles
TIME: 1.5 hours

This motorcycle ride is along U.S. Route 14 in the northern portion of Bighorn National Forest Region. It's a breathtaking road with stunning scenery. There's great curves, hills and scenic vistas. Expect big temperature changes as you ride up in elevation, as you'll see snow-capped mountains even in July! Overall the pavement is in excellent condition, and there's some nice, wide paved turns out at the summit. A great option is to take the northern ALT 14 from Greybull to Lovell, WY. The climbs and descents are amazing among the canyon curves on this route as well. For a longer loop ride, continue east to Sheridan, south to Buffalo and back through the southern section of Bighorn along U.S. Route 16. Basically, if you're looking for great Wyoming motorcycle roads, you can't go wrong riding in this entire area! 



DISTANCE: 63 miles
TIME: 1 hour 20 mins

This lesser known motorcycle ride is along Wyoming Route 296. Start in Cody, and head 63 miles northwest where it meets with the legendary Beartooth Highway. The road is smooth and has long sweeping turns that climb up and down some of the most beautiful mountain passes Wyoming has to offer. The great thing about this WY motorcycle road is that riding in two different directions feels like two completely different roads. It's a great option for those who want to try one of the most under-rated motorcycle roads in America!
(Photos: / M. Warren)



DISTANCE: 64 miles
TIME: 1.5 hours

Easily one of the best motorcycle rides in Wyoming, U.S. 16 is truly a hidden gem for dedicated motorcyclists. Stretching from the heart of Yellowstone to Rapid City, South Dakota, this two-lane highway is nothing but smooth terrain, slow, gradual climbs, and numerous beautiful curves. U.S. 16 offers fantastic panoramic views of wildlife and deep canyons leading up to the Big Horn National Park. Sunsets at the canyon on the west end are especially breathtaking. This route makes for a great loop ride through the Bighorn when connecting the above mentioned Greybull to Dayton ride on US-14. According to the Wyoming Department of Transportation, this route is considered one of the easiest mountain drives in northern Wyoming.
(Photos: L. Ryan /


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