The Best Roads Are Here

What Are The 7 Best Motorcycle Rides In Connecticut?

- Winstead to Granby (24 miles)
- Route 7 (40 miles)
- Stafford Springs to Quinebaug (22 miles)
- Durham to Old Lyme (42 miles)
- Route 49 (22 miles)
- State Route 169 (36 miles)
- State Route 207 (16 miles)

Motorcycle Rides Near Me In Connecticut

If you're like us, every time you get on your motorcycle you ask, "What are the best motorcycle rides near me in Connecticut?" Well, you've come to the right place! Below is our detailed list for the best motorcycle rides in Connecticut. From slow rolling countryside and charming seaport coastal drives, there are miles of great motorcycle roads to discover in Connecticut. Click on each Connecticut motorcycle map link for the direct Google Maps route. 


Check out our list for the Best Motorcycle Roads In CT! Experience what it's like to ride the Devil's Hopyard State Park, Tunxis State Forest, and more of the most scenic roads in the state. Join the 32K subscribers on YouTube!


DISTANCE: 24 miles
TIME: 40 mins

This is arguably the best motorcycle ride in Connecticut! The road through Tunxis State Forest along Route 20 is best ridden west to east, as the best views of the hills are seen from this direction. This great motorcycle road in CT provides some perfect countryside scenery as you ride through the deep forest. There's some exciting sweeping curves with elevation changes high up in these western Connecticut hills and the Barkhamsted Reservoir. The road condition is excellently maintained as well, making this motorcycle ride one that you would not want to miss! For a longer loop ride, connect up to MA-57 through the Granville area, which is one of the best motorcycle roads in Massachusetts.



DISTANCE: 40 miles
TIME: 1 hour

This Connecticut motorcycle ride is between New Milford and North Canaan on the western side of the state. Much of this route follows along the Housatonic River. There's some sweet, tight curves to be had on this road, along with big elevation changes as you ride through the rolling forested hills. Motorcyclists will experience some wide open scenery of the nearby Berkshires, especially around the Kent area. Alternately, split off on Route 4 to Sharon and continue along 41, but either way, this is a great ride along the western edge of the state.



Routes 190, 171, 197
DISTANCE: 22 miles
TIME: 30 mins

If you're looking for a technical roller coaster ride, this is the Connecticut motorcycle road for you! Pick up Route 190 after Stafford Springs and connect to the fantastic Route 197 (Old Turnpike Rd). Navigate your way through tight corners and turns through the deep forest and residential area of northeastern CT. Follow the signs to Route 171 and here you'll experience a ton of hills and elevation changes as you navigate the turns as you enter the Bigelow Hollow State Park region. Enjoy one of the best motorcycle rides in Connecticut on this route all the way to the Massachusetts line. This CT motorcycle ride will keep you focused!



Routes 148, 82, 434, 156
DISTANCE: 42 miles
TIME: 1 hour 10 min

This Connecticut motorcycle ride will take you through the small towns of the southern part of the state. This motorcycle route offers some exceptionally diverse scenery. In Lyme, you'll pass alongside beautiful farm country (on Route 156), while the ride through Devil's Hopyard State Park (Route 434) will be a ride through the dense forest with scenic streams and waterfalls. Hopyard Road is a short, but curvy little ride with some elevation dips along the stream. Continue across the Connecticut River on the East Haddam Swing Bridge, and connect briefly on a scenic portion of Route 9 before taking Route 148 northwest into Durham. This is a great motorcycle route if riding near New London or New Haven, CT.



DISTANCE: 22 miles
TIME: 30 mins

Some of the best views of eastern Connecticut can be seen on this motorcycle ride along Route 49. This is a beautiful north/south scenic route through the Pachaug State Forest close to the Rhode Island state line. There are some nice, open stretches of road to enjoy, along with some vast farmland and hilltop views of the Connecticut countryside forest on Ekonk Hill Rd. Pick up this route on the southern end just off Hwy 95, and 22 miles north up to Route 14. Take a left on CT-14 for more beautiful views of the hills toward Hwy 395.



DISTANCE: 36 miles
TIME: 1 hour

Connecticut State Route 169 is a National Scenic Byway in the northeastern part of the state. This great motorcycle ride travels north to south through forests, small towns, quiet villages and historic farmsteads. The entire route will take you from North Woodstock, just south of the Massachusetts border, down to Lisbon. The nearby Mashamoquet Brook State Park in the town of Pomfret is a great place to take a break and stretch your legs. CT-169 will feel like a motorcycle ride through history, as you pass stone walls, historic churches and colonial homesteads. The views from your motorcycle will also include maple and pine stands as well as glacially deposited rocks and boulders out in the open fields. The scenic byway is a particularly beautiful ride during autumn, as the fall colors are on full display in September and October. Connecticut State Route 169 is a great way to explore these classic New England towns!



DISTANCE: 16 miles
TIME: 25 mins

Although one of the shorter rides on our list, State Route 207 is a gentle motorcycle route which can be started just 30 minutes north of New London. CT-207 has recently been designated a state scenic road. This motorcycle ride will take you past beautiful, rolling farmland, state parks, and pristine ponds. Route 207 begins at the intersection of Route 86 in southeast Hebron, CT. This section of the road features long, open straights in a beautiful country setting. Most of the scenic road is in Lebanon as you continue east. The eastern part of the route will offer more curves and turns, as it heads southeast between Williams and Brewster Ponds. Check out the ruins of the nearby Sprague River Dam that provided hydropower to the old Baltic Mills, which was destroyed in the flood of '55. In Sprague, CT-207 ends at the intersection of Route 97 on the west bank of the Shetucket River in Baltic. The section of Route 207 in Franklin is designated the Paul Henry Bienvenue Memorial Highway.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find Connecticut Motorcycle Events?

Visit our friends at to find local CT Motorcycle Rallies and all scheduled bike shows happening in Connecticut!

Is Connecticut a good place to ride a motorcycle?

Due Connecticut’s curvy back roads, scenic views and bike-friendly amenities, there are miles of great motorcycle rides to be discovered. It's also an easy drive for out-of-state motorcycle riders traveling from New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

Do I have to wear a helmet on a motorcycle in Connecticut?

Connecticut only requires helmet use for motorcycle operators and passengers who are under 18 years of age and people operating a motorcycle with a learner's permit.

What is the best time of year to motorcycle in Connecticut?

Summer and autumn are the best seasons to ride a motorcycle in Connecticut. Due to its location in the northeast United States, the cold and snow will arrive in December and linger until March. In October and November, the brilliant foliage is on full display in the forested areas of the state.

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