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What Are The Best Motorcycle Rides In Massachusetts?

- Mohawk Trail (72 miles)
- Route 57 (30 miles)
- Quabbin Reservoir Loop (54 miles)
- Heath to S Deerfield (44 miles)
- Essex Coastal Scenic Byway (41 miles)
- Westport Loop (15 miles)
- Old King's Highway (30 miles)

Motorcycle Rides Near Me In Massachusetts

Below is our detailed list for the best motorcycle rides in Massachusetts! Though considered one of America's smallest states, MA offers a surprising diversity of landscapes while riding a motorcycle - from windswept beaches to forest-covered mountains. See all that Massachusetts has to offer on these great motorcycle routes, complete with road descriptions and direct Massachusetts motorcycle map links. 

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Route 2
DISTANCE: 72 miles
TIME: 1 hour 40 min

Some of the best roadside scenery in Massachusetts can be seen along the famous Mohawk Trail, which runs east/west along the northern part of the state. This great motorcycle ride in MA began as a Native American trade route, and there are great views alongside the Connecticut and Deerfield River. The best part of this road is from the NY border to the MA-202 area. Highlights of the road include Natural Bridge State Park, the Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls, and the panoramic vistas of the Connecticut River from the French King Bridge. The Mohawk trail is a beautiful motorcycle ride with high speed sweepers as well as the most entertaining hairpin turn in the whole state in North Adams, MA. You'll have stunning mountain views, rushing rivers, dense forests and rolling farmland. The road pavement quality is almost immaculate as of 2023, making it the most famous motorcycle road in Massachusetts. 



DISTANCE: 28 miles
TIME: 1 hour

If you're looking for a roller coaster ride by motorcycle, this is the road for you! Pick up MA Rte. 57 from New Marlborough and head east 30 miles to Southwick. This MA motorcycle route runs along the southern portion of Massachusetts, and offers various elevation changes among some great scenery. The ride is at its best near Sandisfield State Park, and continues with some excellent long curves over by Granville State Forest. Autumn is a fantastic time to ride here, as the foliage colors are brilliant after early October. The red and orange colors offer a beautiful backdrop as you navigate the dips and turns among the hillsides of western Massachusetts. If you take this road from west to east, there's a few sections where you can get the best views of the hills. Going this way, the road gets more technical towards the end. This scenic motorcycle road in Massachusetts will offer the rider everything from long stretches, to sweeping curves as well as tight turns overlooking the Berkshire hills. For a longer loop ride, check out the best motorcycle road in Connecticut on the Tunxis State Forest route just south of here.



ROUTES 202, 122, 32A
DISTANCE: 54 miles
TIME: 1 hour 15 min

This Massachusetts motorcycle road loops around the Quabbin Reservoir, and offers some great riding in the central part of the state. You can start this loop ride from Interstate 90 and follow MA-32 in Palmer, MA. Once you get on 32A, most of the road is beautifully maintained as of 2023. Route 32A is also a quieter road than MA-202 with much less traffic. You'll navigate around tight turns and there's some beautiful, scenic farmland along the southern portion of this road. MA-122 allows the motorcycle rider to open up the throttle a bit more as there's more open straight-a-ways. There's a great scenic overlook along MA-202 to stop by, and check out the New Salem Convenience store for a sandwich and great service! When completing the loop on MA-9, check out the Quabbin Reservoir Visitor Center for the best view of this scenic body of water. 



ROUTES 116, 8A
DISTANCE: 44 miles
TIME: 1 hour 15 min

There's great mountain and river views to be seen along this northwestern Massachusetts motorcycle route, along with some considerable elevation changes. Route 8A is little-known gem which continues north into Vermont. Its a small, narrow mountain road that leads through deep woods along the Mill Brook creek. Your speed will be a bit on the slow side here, as this is an intimate ride with quiet landscapes, but the mountain hillside scenery is gorgeous. South of Route 2, there are some beautiful farmland views, with elevation changes. Scenic Route 116 opens up a bit more with curves in the Plainfield area, as you ride alongside regions of vast flowering fields. The section of road between South Deerfield and Ashfield is a winding delight. There's constant twists and turns that will have you smiling for every moment on this fantastic road. While much less popular than the Mohawk Trail, this is considered by many as the absolute best motorcycle road in all of Massachusetts.



MA-1A, MA-127, MA-133
DISTANCE: 90 miles
TIME: 2 hours

Tour “America’s Oldest Seaport" from Salisbury to down and around the Cape Anne peninsula. There's scenic beaches, fresh seafood, stunning vistas and narrow, winding roads connecting it all. There's some tight turns along the quaint Route 127, and some nice open stretches of farmland in Newbury and Essex along 1A (all of which are included along the Essex Coastal Scenic Byway.) Ride this fantastic Massachusetts motorcycle route to experience a wide variety of scenic diversity in the upper northern portion of the state. Be sure to include Atlantic Road included in the map link. This hidden gem offers fantastic oceanside scenery on a curvy road just southeast of Gloucester's town center.  For longer riding up north, continue past the MA state line and follow 1A for one of the best motorcycle roads in New Hampshire!



DISTANCE: 15 miles
TIME: 30 mins

This quiet beach loop showcases Westport's farmland and ocean view roads, as you loop around Horseneck Beach Reservation area. There are some great views of the Atlantic on Beach Rd, across bridges, and overlooking marinas. Be sure to include the causeway road to Gooseberry Island included in the map link. It's a fun little detour and a great place to catch the sunset. This route is best to ride in the summer, as its always a few degrees cooler in this part of the state near the ocean. But its a lesser known gem with minimal traffic, allowing motorcyclists to enjoy riding this great Massachusetts motorcycle road! This loop ride is very close to one of the best motorcycle roads in Rhode Island on RI-77. That road will lead you to Sakonnet Point, and will offer more serene riding with oceanside views.



DISTANCE: 30 miles
TIME: 1 hour

While many visitors ride the main State Route 6 to tour Cape Cod, it's not necessarily the best road to take. Route 6A is a better option to motorcycle through Cape Cod. You'll see more of the Cape's marshes, state park preserves and quaint towns the Cape is known for. Also known as the "Old King's Highway", MA-6A is one of the most historic byways in the United States. Pick up this great motorcycle ride from the town Sandwich, just after the Sagamore Bridge. This region will bring you past open marshlands near Sandwich Harbor. As you ride east to Orleans, the narrow road will treat you to some sweet little curves that are a lot of fun to navigate. If riding to the northern tip, continue onto State Route 6, which will take you alongside Cape Cod's National Seashore. The historic towns, shops and cafes all maintain the character of the Old King's Highway, and is one of the best roads to take by motorcycle in Massachusetts!


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I find Massachusetts motorcycle events?

Visit our friends at to find local MA Motorcycle Rallies and all scheduled bike shows happening in Massachusetts!

Is Massachusetts a good place to ride a motorcycle?

Yes. Massachusetts has a variety of roads from the hilly and forested Berkshire Mountains to the ocean-side roads of Westport and Cape Cod to the east. Being a northeastern state, the best motorcycle riding is between April to November, as the cold and snow starts in December and can linger until March.

Do I have to wear a helmet on a motorcycle in Massachusetts?

According to Massachusetts law, every person operating a motorcycle or riding as a passenger on a motorcycle or in a sidecar attached to a motorcycle must wear a helmet. Read more at

What is the best motorcycle ride in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts Route 2 (also known as the Mohawk Trail) is the most popular road in the state for motorcycle riders. A lesser known fantastic motorcycle ride consists of Route 116 and Route 8A, which crosses the Mohawk Trail. It leads from South Deerfield, MA to Vermont, and is one of the best motorcycle rides in the state.

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Motorcycle Roads Near Me in Massachusetts

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